Let’s say you want a really boring sign that no one will ever notice. Huh? No one wants that! The purpose of designing a sign for your business is to attract attention, not let your shop go unnoticed. There a few key design techniques that we’d like to share. Our designers use these principles to design beautiful signs that invite attention and excite passersby’s. You can apply these to your sign design, too. If you’d like to work with our team on storefront storage, just reach out.

Sign Design Tips to Catch the Eye of the Public

The number one design tip for storefront signage is that it needs to stand out. This means choosing contrasting colors and materials. It needs to be on-brand, but it also needs to stand out from the other colors and textures in the surrounding environment. For instance, on a brick building surrounded by evergreen trees, you probably shouldn’t choose browns and greens for your storefront signage. Instead, create dimensions and texture. Go for bold electric signs. Use layers to make the lettering pop. Introduce elements that resemble printed fabric or add white outlines to help images appear against a grey landscape. In addition to being vibrant, your signage must be placed in the right location. Where will you get the most traffic? Place your sign at an angle to catch the eyes of the most people.

Stand out with bold signage.

Push Through Letters are Highly Visible

This is a technique where letters appear to be pushed through the background. It’s achieved with careful machinery that traces and cuts out the shapes. Typically, it’s combined with vibrant colors to create dimensionality and emotion. Use push through letters to add energy and motion. You can even light the letters to amp up the effect. LED signs are very attractive and energy-driven, too. Use lettering to create even more contrast with the background, resulting in a dynamic display that will easily attract attention.

If you’re ready for storefront signage that makes you stand out, contact Ignite Signs. From lettering styles to installation techniques, we’ve got what it takes to make you look good.