Digital displays are a form of advertising that works well in many locations—from stadiums and shopping malls to airports and train stations. What’s more, these signs are even visible in broad daylight!

Digital displays are created by arrays of high-intensity light-emitting diodes or LEDs. These lights are used because they can be run at extremely low power levels while still providing a bright display. The “personal computer revolution” has brought forward miniaturization and lowered the costs for this technology. When these LEDs were first developed for video projection, they were large and expensive. The technology was refined over the years to make them more affordable and smaller in size until one company found a way to incorporate this technology into a digital sign that is comparable in price with conventional signs.

The result has been a form of advertising that not only can reach many people at once but can be viewed in full sunlight. While the digital sign industry is still in its infancy, it has recently gained enough momentum to reach a level of equality with many conventional forms of advertising.

“Sunlight Readable” Digital Displays

led digital sign
Digital displays can be updated frequently to display dynamic messages.

The right professionals can make digital displays “sunlight-readable” so there are no issues with people being able to see them in an environment that has a lot of sunlight. The capability is now possible because the technology used to create digital signs has advanced quickly over the last decade. 

Digital Signage and Advertising Displays

Digital displays are used for many different purposes: advertising, direct communications, information dissemination, etc. The display hardware is now less expensive to buy and maintain, which has led to competition that makes it available to a wider range of businesses.  Many times digital signs are used to display static images, but they can also be programmed to move. Some digital displays have both capabilities, i.e., the ability to show moving images as well as stationary pictures.

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