Want to impress with killer signage? You need LED signs. It’s not enough to have a huge sign anymore. If you want to attract attention and retain business, then you need something that makes a real impact. The solution is custom storefront signs. Our team at Ignite Signs can create customized electric and LED signs to make your brand shine.

Custom LED Signs Are More Impactful

Why? Because they’re more unique. Branding is about being memorable. If you want people to remember you, then you need to stand out. That means embracing uniqueness. Don’t go for a simple black and white marquee. Go for bold colors and glowing LED signs. Yes, they need to stay on-brand. But there’s so much room to be authentic and unique all at the same time. A custom storefront sign can leave a bigger brand impression in the minds and memories of visitors. If you want to make a big splash and grow your business, invest in signs that are as big and colorful as your dreams.

multicolor light sign Salt Lake City
Make a splash with vibrant, custom LED signs.

Create a Brand Signature With a Custom Storefront Sign

Sign manufacturing and installation adds to brand image. Not only will a huge replica of your logo be impressive, but the quality of the installation will reflect positively on your company. Overall, everything you put out there with your logo on it is an ambassador for your company. From paper napkins to fleet vehicles, from menus to signage, you need consistent quality. LED signs achieve both quality and memorability.

Work with a quality sign company for all your signage. This is the best way to ensure consistency in branding and quality. After all, sometimes signs break in freak weather storms or a bulb needs to be changed. You’ll have a much easier time handling repairs and maintenance if you choose a sign company that can do it all.

Interested in a custom storefront sign? From LED signs to electric signs, channel and pin lettering, and more, Ignite Signs is your choice for high-quality comprehensive sign service. Reach out today for more information.