LED signs are bold and attractive. They announce to the world that you know what you’re doing and you’re proud to be in business. Today, there are plenty of options for energy-efficient LED signs that won’t siphon cash from your bank account. If you’re considering bold electric signage for your business, here’s what you need to know about LED signs.

Benefits of LED Lights for Signs

Having a bright sign up all night long is a great way to draw attention to your business. No matter what time of day someone is passing by, they’ll be excited by the bold, bright lights of your signage. LED signs are the best option for lit-up signs because they’re so energy-efficient. You can reap all the benefits of bold, bright advertising without the high price tag of other types of lighting. This type of sign is also versatile and long-lasting. If you want to invest in signage that is durable and will see you through many years of doing business, then LED signs are the best choice.

LED signage Sandy UT
LED signs are bold and attractive—24/7.

Styles of LED signs

There are several ways to light your LED signs. The right choice will depend on the location of the sign as well as the branding of your business. For instance, you could design a sign for sharp light or a glow effect. Are there certain words that you want to highlight? Are there colors you want to showcase? Make sure you’re considering the background of your signage, too. If your sign will be mounted on a brick building, then it needs to stand out from the texture. The same concept applies if your sign will be standing tall against a backdrop of mountains or even other neon signs. You need a sign that stands out from the rest, and LED signs are a great way to go.

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