A monument sign, when done correctly, can draw attention and boost your brand’s reputation. Here are some ways to ensure your monument sign’s design is powerful and effective.

What are Monument Signs?

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Monument signs are freestanding pillars, sometimes with a stone base. These are the types of signs you see at the entrance to an office complex or on the lawn of a corporate headquarters. A well-designed sign is bold and architectural. Because the purpose of a sign is to get noticed, you want it to stand out. Even if your brand is more sedate, go bold with your monument signs. This way, you’ll be sure to draw attention to your sign and your business. You don’t have to use outrageous colors. Using a material that isn’t close by, such as stone when surrounded by trees, or wood when surrounded by concrete, will help the sign to stand out.

When using a monument sign to mark the entrance to your office complex, make it impressive. It should make a statement, announcing to all that they have arrived at your business. A small, unassuming sign has its place, but the entrance to your business is not that place.

A monument sign, by definition, is freestanding. Maximize this quality by keeping it a good distance from buildings or other large objects. Adding a sculptural element to the sign can help it stand out, as can adding landscaping features to accentuate your signage. For added impact, create a small rise on which to place the sign.

Different Styles of Monument Signs

Monument signs can be an electric sign or an LED sign supported by a base of a sculptural or architectural design. Whichever style you choose, make sure that the sign is similar to your other company signage, so as not to confuse your brand messaging. Lighting for your sign is especially important. This can be backlit elements of the sign, or the sign itself can be made with lights, but landscape lights pointing at the sign are equally important to increase visibility, especially after the sun goes down.

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