Adding a sign to the front of your store is an excellent way to make a good impression on current and potential customers. Whether it is day or night, storefront signage can go a long way towards setting your business up for success.

Types of Signs to Enhance Your Storefront

When a potential customer walks past or visits your store, your signage is the first thing they see. Therefore, the sign you choose must reflect your business, brand, and services offered appropriately. With advancements in technology, business signs are available in various materials such as glass, metal, or fabric. However, each option has its own set of pros and cons. At Ignite Signs, we offer custom-designed LED and electrical signs that are ideal for storefronts, events, and various other businesses. Some of the services are offer include:

  • LED Signs: LED signs last longer than traditional signs, which means you will spend less on maintenance costs associated with upkeeping your storefront sign. Also, they are a more energy-efficient way to save on electrical costs.
  • Electrical: If you’re tired of your old storefront sign, Ignite Signs provides electrical sign installation and repairs. All our electrical signs come with a five-year warranty and are designed using premium materials to last longer.
Make sure you have a plan to maintain your signs.

Storefront Signage Design Tips

If you’re a shop, restaurant, factory, or any other customer-facing business, the signage above or in front of your store plays a vital role in the initial contact between you and your potential customers. Work with materials, color, style, and size to match the building’s exterior architectural design and make the business look more professional.

When designing your storefront signage, your top priority is ensuring it’s legible. If your storefront doesn’t have direct access to the street, this becomes even more important. You want a sign that will be seen from far distances in seconds as people pass by on foot or wheels. Aside from legibility, your storefront sign should express your style and stand out from other signs in the area.

Ignite Signs are designed to stand out and are built to last. We are the first choice for digital and electrical signs in Salt Lake City, UT. Contact our team of professionals to find storefront signage options that suit your business needs.