Opening up a new business location is an exciting day. You can celebrate with a promotional event or a product giveaway, helping to establish your brand to a new customer base. But once the novelty has worn off, you will need to work hard to stay competitive with other operations in the area. That’s where new electric signs come in clutch. 

All the planning and coordination you have conducted to open the new location will be for not if sales don’t immediately follow. Getting a sign service company to install an LED or other type of electric sign will help drive customers into your store and help start your business off on the right foot!

Importance of New Electric Signs for New Business Locations

electric letter signage
A newly-opened business signals that it’s ready for customers by displaying the company name with new electric signs.

While your business or franchise may already have a strong branding strategy in place across other branches, your new location will need to balance that established marketing plan with some unique factors. New electric signs offer a host of benefits to operators as they embark on another chapter in their commercial journey. These include:

  • Increasing the visibility of your new location
  • Setting your new business apart from competitors
  • Allowing you to customize your color, light, and font choices to match existing branding

Day and night, these signs are an open invitation to potential and existing customers. They also highlight a new location that provides faster, easier access to customers, improving their shopping experience while also displaying your company’s growth. 

Get New Electric Signs Today!

If you’ve recently invested in a new business location and are looking for the best way to get more customers through the doors, reach out to Ignite Signs today to get your new electric signs!