You want to drive traffic to your store, improve brand awareness in the local market, and improve your sales numbers. So, naturally, you invest in professional, well-designed exterior signage for your workplace. And it performs its intended function perfectly, that is until a few years go by and the elements inevitably take their toll. Now you have an electric sign that doesn’t work properly, and you’re at a crossroads about what to do next. That’s where Ignite Signs comes into the picture. 

As experienced professionals in the electric sign space, we’ve helped countless businesses save money by repairing signage instead of replacing it. Over our many years, we’ve identified some key occurrences that may point to more significant issues with the function of digital LED and other electric signs, including neon signs, channel lettering, monument signs, panel signs, and box signs. 

When addressed promptly, these issues can be resolved relatively easily and can get you back to driving business and brand awareness with your professional sign!

LED signage Sandy UT
Experienced service professionals can fix the wiring and lighting issues that are common with exterior signage

Common Issues with Electric Exterior Signage

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most common issues with exterior signage come in the form of electrical related problems. Here are some of the issues that are most likely to impact the functionality of your outdoor signs.

  1. Wiring Problems: Issues with the electrical connections can cause lights to go out, flicker, or become a fire hazard
  2. Broken Lights: Whether they are burnt-out or damaged, broken lights prevent your sign from being illuminated
  3. Weather-Related Damage: Inclement weather can cause visible damage, leading to multiple issues with the proper functioning of exterior signage
  4. Flickering Lights: Whether due to wiring problems, a loose connection, or physical damage, flickering lights are an obvious sign that you need servicing
  5. Bad Transformer: Dimming or non-functional lights may be a sign of a bad transformer

If you want to learn more about how the experienced professionals at Ignite Signs can help service your exterior signage, contact us today!