For many established businesses, their original and long-standing signs are staples of the community. People get used to the neon and electric signs in their neighborhood and gain comfort from their presence. This helps drive customers into those businesses and spreading brand awareness. 

Unfortunately, these classic signs also have some downsides. They can be difficult to maintain, drain additional resources, and are increasingly becoming obsolete due to concerns over cost-efficiency and personal safety. Luckily, business owners can preserve the integrity of these classic promotional materials by retrofitting old electric signs.

Professional technicians work on retrofitting old electric signs to help improve a company’s branding efforts.

What is Retrofitting?

Essentially, retrofitting an old electric sign involves upgrading old technology and systems with more modern technology. Take a look around your business and honestly assess if your old electric sign needs retrofitting. Retrofitting an old electric sign can give your brand a boost by upgrading the technology of your old sign.

How Retrofitting Can Benefit Your Brand and Business

There are a variety of benefits that a revamped electric sign will afford to your business. These benefits include: 

  • Making your old electric sign safer and more energy efficient
  • Upgrading to LED will make your sign brighter and more vibrant – attracting more attention
  • New lighting technology requires less maintenance and reduces costs

Depending on the material type and system of your old electric sign, the process of retrofitting it will vary. If your old signs aren’t electric and you want to upgrade for more visibility and brand reach, working with a professional team will be the best solution.

Talk to the experts at Ignite Signs about the best way forward with your old electric sign. Whether it’s servicing and retrofitting your old sign or investing in a new electric one, our expert technicians will find the right solution for you!