It can be a daunting question to answer if you don’t have experience in electric sign service. On one hand, you’ve invested quite a bit of money into this professional promotional product, and it would be a shame to have to buy an entirely new system if it isn’t necessary. 

On the other hand, servicing can be pricey, and that’s still not a guarantee that your original electrical sign will be operational shortly down the road. When faced with this situation, it’s always a good idea to contact the experts. 

There are numerous factors that will play into the pros and cons of your decision. What is the extent of the issue or damage? What type of sign do you use currently? Is your current sign effective at carrying out its intended promotional function? What is your budget for replacement or repair? 

To help make the decision process just a little bit easier, here is a list of the key considerations that need to be made in the repair vs. replacement decision about electric signs. 

A professions sign service looks at electronic signs to determine whether it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Assess the Damage

That is the most important factor in the analysis. If the extent of the damage is too great, you will need to move forward with a brand new sign. Otherwise, a repair may solve your problems. 

Compare the Costs 

Getting a quote from a sign repair professional and other signage experts will help you determine which expense fits better with your current budget.

How Old is the Sign? 

Depending on the age of your electrical sign, your current issue may be a sign of things to come. Investing in a new promotional product may be ideal, depending on how much use the sign has.

Has Your Branding Changed? 

Consider whether any new changes to your branding need to be incorporated into the sign. If there are none, you can move on to the final consideration.

Does Your Branding Need to Change?

An honest assessment of the effectiveness of your current branding is crucial to this decision. Repairing your current sign may not make sense if it isn’t producing its desired promotional function.

If you have more questions or concerns about maintaining or replacing your electrical sign, reach out to the experienced professionals at Ignite Signs today!