Whether updating an existing sign or adding a sign to a growing business, there are several things you need to keep in mind to protect the integrity of your brand.

Sign Company
New and additional signs should match your existing signage.

Every attempt should be made to avoid any damage to your brand’s reputation through shoddy sign work, such as mismatched colors or lighting types. Working with a reputable sign company with the experience to perfectly match existing signage is recommended.

Let’s take a look at what to keep in mind when matching existing signage.

Consistency is Key

You’ll want to keep everything looking the same, which means using the same type of lettering and LED lighting. Using the same material for the lettering is equally as important as matching font and design styles. Of course, the colors should also be an exact match.

When looking for a sign company to do the work of replicating or repairing a sign, you want to be sure the company you select has the equipment and experience necessary to do the job right. 

Repeatability is especially important for national brands, who need their signage to look identical in locations across the country. This is done by careful attention to the materials and types of lights used in the sign so that new signs look the same. 

Matching materials is especially important, as well, since the type of material used can drastically impact the look and feel of the sign. But the most important consideration should be that the sign company you choose is able to properly replicate your company logo and font.

For a company with a plan for growth, and a need for more signs in the future, developing a relationship with a sign company will ensure that you have consistency across all signage.

Whether upgrading or adding a new sign, you can trust us with your local and nationally recognized branding. Contact us at Ignite Signs to find out more.