A great sign can attract new customers, re-engage old customers, and improve the perception of your brand. If you’re thinking about investing in new signage, now is a great time. But make sure you keep these three components in mind. Without these three elements, your sign could fall flat. Here’s what you need to know about designing great signage—from the experts at Ignite Signs.

Components To Great Signage – Design, Installation, Repairs

These are the three most important parts of great signage. The first is the design. You need colors, shapes, fonts, and textures that align with your brand. You need a sign design that communicates your values as well as what you sell. Try to speak the visual language of your target customers. Do they like big, bold, red channel lettering? Or would they be more attracted by simple, green, and LED signs? Work with expert designers to find the right look. You’ve got to get this right the first time around.

Make sure you have a plan to maintain your signs.

The final two elements of great signage have to do with installation and repair. After all, once you have a great sign, you need to put it somewhere people can see it! Installation is a tricky process that’s best left to experts. You’ll need to figure out the appropriate height and location for your sign to best attract attention. If you have a lot of drivers going by, then the height will be different from an area with a lot of pedestrians. You could also consider the angle of the sun to understand the best positioning for your sign. Then, you need to install it properly. For electrical signs, this means safe wiring and durable set-up. It needs to stand up to inclement weather and not get knocked down by the first windstorm that passes through. After sign installation, we come to maintenance. Once your sign is designed and installed, don’t leave it out to rot. Make sure you invest in regular sign repairs to keep your sign looking spiffy. This means casual servicing, like wiping and brushing debris. It also includes wiring updates, bulb replacement, and more.

How Proper Sign Management Strategy Improves Your Brand

When your signs look consistent and in perfect condition, you’ll give a good impression to your customers. The strength of your brand image is everything in today’s market. If you’re not putting your best foot forward with your signage, then you could be damaging your reputation.

Are you ready to embrace great signage? Contact the pros at Ignite Signs to get started.