A logo is an essential part of branding your business, but the badge that tells the world who you are isn’t doing any good if the world can’t see it. That’s why a logo sign is so effective. Done well, it will draw customers into your business. An experienced sign shop will be able to help you find the ideal way to display your logo. 

Logo Signs Are Essential Branding Tools

There are a wide variety of sign styles available, but no matter which you choose, be sure that your logo is placed prominently on it. You can look at logo signs as being the foundation of your branding efforts. Everything builds off of the logo. When branding is done well, a business can drop everything else except the logo from signage and still be effective. Nike and Apple would be great examples of this.

When deciding on the sort of logo sign you’d like, there are two main types to consider: monument and storefront.

Monument signs are freestanding, with a base mounted to the ground, and can be double sided. There are several styles of this sign, including some that have stonework around the base supporting electric signs with lights or LED screens. 

The storefront logo sign comes in a wide variety as well, but all tend to be anchored to the exterior wall, either extending off a bracket or mounted flush to the wall. This type of logo sign serves as an advertisement for the shop and also as a wayfinding tool for anyone looking for the shop.

Light Up Electric Signs

electric letter signage
Electric signs are bold and attractive.

Lighting and digital displays on a sign can bring extra attention to your business. Thinking beyond stand lighting for illumination, there are endless creative possibilities when it comes to light-up electric signs.

Monument signs can be lit for visibility using floodlights or another type of illumination, but there are other, more interesting ways to add light to your electric signs, such as hiding the lights behind raised panels to provide an outline effect, or incorporating LED lighting into the sign. Fully digital signs are also an option.

Storefront logo signs can also be lit in several ways, but if being paired with a monument-type sign on the location, the lighting should match. If the storefront sign is on its own, you’ve got a bit more freedom. Again, there is a large range of creative lighting possibilities.

For maximum attention-getting impact, digital LED signs are effective.

When it’s time to getting your brand noticed, let’s talk.